Friday, December 2, 2016

More photos


We are half way through with Refactor U. I am amazed how much strength the Lord has given us. Tyson is at school 10-12 hours per day and I hold the fort at home and work.

The girls have been busy with activities, but still the end of the day is our hardest time. They struggle to go to school all day - especially London. But even when they are home, they get bored. The cold does not help either.

Thankfully we have good neighbours and my clients are wonderful.  We made Gingerbread men for Thanksgiving. We had Chris and Anna's family over. They were so cute.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gymanstic's Class

We started Gymnastics Class this last week. The girls really loved it. Sydney has a small accident so I know next time to bring a change of clothes.

Next week we start Swimming too. All these classes were to help me get through Tyson being in school. We are finishing up week two. Tyson leaves at 8 am and get home around 9:30 pm. Thankfully I have been doing well. We have three nights of classes for the girls and they are staying at school longer. So we are slowly getting through. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Parents Visit

My parents got here Tuesday 11/1/16. They were so good and took the train all the way from the airport to the Westminster station. I had lots of calls on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully everything worked out.

I met them and then we went to lunch at Hacienda. It was so yummy!

Then we came home and they napped and I worked. I have to say that I have been under so much stress lately. I knew taking on the role of breadwinner was going to be tough but I feel a very physical reaction to having all the pressure. Just today I felt totally overwhelmed and super behind. I started to breath really hard and want to run away.

I stopped what I was doing and said a prayer. I told God I was scared and that I needed his help. I need to be strong enough to NOT run away - which is what wanted to do more than anything.

But I stayed. I took a deep breath and I pressed forward.

The things are still not fixed and sometimes I wonder how other's make it work.  But I remind myself that my God is the same God that helped Issac and Abraham and Moses and Ruth - and he can help me rise up and do hard things.

Some other things we did:

Clean my house.
Put out my new Christmas tree.
Went to Target
Went to the zoo
Went to Tyson's school and Boulder
Rode our bikes
Jumped rope