Monday, October 24, 2016

This Weekend + Trunk O Treat

We went to the zoo with Iuliana and Abby. Sydney went with her friend Emma to her first musical. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The zoo was packed but we got to walk a lot and caught the elephant show. That night the girls and I attended the Trunk O Treat. We had a blast. The girls were ballroom cinderella and I was the cleaning cinderella. Tyson worked and then went home to study. 

This coming week is a BIG week. Tyson is finishing up his last week of work and he starts school on Friday. Crazy! Then my parents come visit next week and I am so excited! They will be here November 1st. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Conquer Conference

This last weekend was amazing. After planning for 10 months we held the Conquer Conference. 

It was an amazing and exhausting weekend. I finally met Leslie, I visited Pennsylvania and for the first time since college,  that I actually planned something. The last time I did anything like this was for Obeo and the sundance retreat. 

I felt like I have come full circle - in terms of business. 

After that Sundance retreat, my busines life went down and down and down. The great recession was really hard for me and Tyson. 

Well, the Conquer Conference was a smashing success. We had 650 registered and my biggest worry was registration. We had a helper for food, a helper for the decorations and  coordinator for everything else. 

Everyone did their part. Worship was great, the keynote speakers were amazing. Everything went so well. 

After 3 days I was exhausted. I was tired but we were happy. Besides the website hack Saturday night, things could not have gone better. 

It's was great to finally meet Leslie. I think we saw each other in a new light. The ladies at the conference were amazing. 

I'm grateful that I could work. I'm grateful that I could work to support something positive and something bigger. 

I'm so grateful that Tyson stayed home and helped me. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Friday, September 30, 2016

Farmers Market

It's officially fall. Today the weather is grey and misty. We have had a week if pure 80s and it's been glorious. We have been riding our bikes non stop. We went to the farmers market for the last time. I attended a service project on Tuesday we went to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and Thursday we celebrated tysons last day at Blake street by buying 10 ribs from Brothers BBQ. They were so good! 

Tyson has been feeling yucky so we are hoping he will rest on Sunday. We also have conference this weekend and we are so excited!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Tyson has officially started part time. 
It's been a really focused time for us. We are very excited for the chance. I won't lie that I am loving the idea of being the breadwinner - but I just feel like this is our shot. 

Tyson has even studying lots and loving the challenge. I am trying really hard to get a new client.  Had a great Interview yesterday and I hope it works out :)

Last week Tyson and I went on a date. We did a ropes course and watched a football game. The ropes course was so awesome and scary. My hands still hurt today ;)

We went to Krispy cream pirate day, played at the park and just spent as much time outside as possible. The weather has been awesome - cool mornings and perfect days. Our tree is turning and so pretty. We have been cleaning the yard to prepare for winter. We have been racking our leaves every Saturday to avoid a huge pile in a few weeks.