Friday, July 15, 2016

Update On The Girls

I wanted to write an update on the girls personally.

Sydney is almost 5 (3 more months) and she has changed dramatically the last 6 months. She is so much more even keel, easier to talk to, much better at playing by herself and using imagination. She is delightful and super helpful. She loves to wash dishes, play with Abby, pretend stuff  and make up stories. She loves to pretend that she is a baby and London is the mom. 

She also has a new imaginary friend - well kinda, it's  my hand. Several months ago I was playing and pretending my hand was spider - she calls it "spider" and we did that for a few days - but then she kept asking for spider all the time, but not to tickle, but to talk to it, play with it, feed it? I swear it's like it's  a totally different person. She will ask spider to sleep with her and she will pet it. When she gets hurts and starts crying she ask for "spider" to comfort her. It's the coolest thing to see her imagination be so real and strong. 

I heard that the closer kids get to 5 - the easier they become and Sydney is walking proof to talk. She can reason better, she gets rewards and consequences. She still struggles with impulses and hitting  but it's night and day from when she was 4. 

London on the other hand is full force with the Terrible Three's - she is mean, hits, screams, runs away .... it's been a tough 6 months. This summer she is very mean to Sydney and loves to make her cry. Her tantrums have also exploded. Everything bothers her. I think some of it has to do with the fact that unless we are driving, she refuses to nap. If we lock her in her room - she will kick the door and leave awful marks on it. So we mostly just let her stay up and put her to bed between 6:30 - 7:30 PM. I am exhausted by the time she is down for bed. London is stubborn and passionate. She does not reason. 

The good thing is that she is still super cute and loves to be held and cuddle. She loves to sleep with Tyson. She loves her babies. 

I am hoping that she will take a similar turn the closer she gets to 5. London's vocabulary is really expanding and her words are much more clear. We are still working with our therapist on a weekly basis and the girls Love Januae. 

Today I am working then taking my laptop to the pool so the girls can swim while I finish some work. It's such a blessing to be minimalist, work from home and have the gospel. We are so blessed. 

Summer was been wonderful so far. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Since being home

We hit slip and slide next door, then we had cow day at chick fil a. The cool part was that when we went at night we missed the 7 pm deadline - and a good family man came after us and bought our two meals for $14. It wasn't a lot of money but the intention was so sweet. 

I been feeling so weird lately - not able to really focus. This morning I was driving and I just so out of it - I kept having to refocus. 

Thankfully my work load has been a little lighter. One of my coolest clients is getting married so we are going crazy trying to finish everything. Tyson had to stay at work because the fence got hit - it's almost 930 and he is still there. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Utah part 2

Monday, July 11, 2016

Annual Utah trip

We had our annual Utah trip July 1st to 10th. It was really fun and tiring. The girls are getting so much better on the trip and it makes it awesome. We went to Logan first and then to SLC. Here is the recap of what we did:

Grandmas Gerbers 90th party
Swimming at the lake
Eating at zips
Playing video with Straton
Playing with Oaklen
Watching the new Independence Day movie
Playing in the sand
Flying kites
Eating good food
Water park
Seven peaks fun center
Visiting Abuelita
Going swimming
Going shopping
Visiting the state capital 
Visiting memory grove park
Seeing the temple
Watching HGTV

Since I worked pretty much the entire trip I was not able to totally unplug but I was at a much lighter pace. We got back to Colorado at 2 pm on Sunday and we relaxed the whole day. Honestly it was great to be with family. 

Utah part 1


Utah Vacation 2016 Pt. 3